Garden Spa: Using Garden Fresh Goodies for Skin Care

Your garden is full of goodies that can be helpful not only in your kitchen, but in your home spa!  Fresh plants and vegetables are full of potent vitamins, minerals and other beneficial components that can be used to create fresh beauty treatments at home.

The base of salads everywhere, this inconspicuous green leafy vegetable may have the ability to help soften your skin.  Try using fresh lettuce, either shredded, or left as a full leaf, in your next fresh facial mask.  The leaves can be mixed with plain yogurt, honey, or other basic wetting ingredients to create a simple, softening facial.

Known for its soothing abilities, cucumber is most classically used as a de-puffing agent under the eyes.  To partake in this classic spa tradition, slice the cucumber into thin discs and place one over each eye while you relax with a fresh facial, or a cold cream mask.  Cucumbers can also be mashed or pureed to act as a wetting agent in a more complex recipe, such as a facial, scrub, or body wrap.

Gardeners often plant marigold flowers around the edges of a garden to help ward of pests.  In skin care, marigold, or calendula, can help to relive more irritants as well.  calendula soothes and comforts dry, sensitive skin, and can help to reduce itchiness and redness when applied topically.  Try adding fresh, cleaned marigold petals to a fresh facial cleanser or mask. 

Aloe Vera
Fresh Aloe Vera is a staple in most apothecary or medicinal gardens.  The flesh and juice of the Aloe Vera can provide instant relief from the pain of sunburn, poison ivy, or other summer time irritants.  Try adding fresh Aloe Juice, or pureed Aloe flesh to facials, cleansers, or to medicinal salves.

The acids contained in a fresh tomato are great at exfoliating skin.  Mashed or pureed tomato makes a great wetting agent for oily and acne prone facials and masks.  Another way to use tomato is to place thin slices directly on the skin.  The acids in the fresh tomato flesh can help to get red of blackheads and acne, and can help to brighten dull skin.


Chuck full of nutritious beta carotene, carrots pack a lot of punch into their bold colored packages.  Fresh carrots make great ingredients for fresh facials and scrubs, just be careful to use them sparingly, as too much carrot juice can tint the skin temporarily.  Try pureeing or juicing fresh carrots to use them as wetting agents or exfoliants in your next fresh spa recipe.

* Tomato Photo by Piku
*Lettuce Photo by Paola Sansão

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