Opposes The FDA Globalization Act of 2008

A few words from Kibby, the C.E.O. of Natural Sourcing, LLC and regarding The FDA Globalization Act of 2008:

“As an American…. as a mother…. as a health
conscious individual…. as a citizen concerned about the economy….
as a business owner who started from home…. and as a supplier who
promotes the handcrafted skin care industry everyday, I strongly oppose
the FDA Globalization Act of 2008 in its current form. The proposed act
was clearly not prepared with the whole cosmetic industry in mind. The
small business sector has been grossly overlooked. That is NOT the
American way, nor it is good for the American economy! The high, flat
fee structure is unfair to those who have worked so hard to establish
themselves in business and are just starting to mature as businesses.
Small business owners have dedicated their time and resources to
develop their knowledge, their products and their businesses so they
can secure their futures and improve the lives of their children.
Countless numbers of these artisans will be forced to go out of
business if this act is passed without fair regard for their ability to
pay the proposed registration fees. I’m sure that each and every one of
us opposing this act can appreciate having regulations in place to
protect the consumer, but surely the registration fees could be
tailored to fit company revenues. Implementing a high fee structure
will eliminate most, if not all, small businesses, allow the existing
giants to monopolize the industry, halt the creative spin that
handcrafters tend to set off within the industry and eliminate the
birth of businesses like Carol’s Daughter, a small company that took
spark in a kitchen.”

“As a supplier of ingredients to the cosmetic
industry, my husband and I are well aware of how large, well branded
companies make product. They cut costs, they cut ingredients and they
go for label claims (1% is all it takes!). Their packaging is more
expensive than the product in it and their definition of quality is
questionable. Small businesses, on the other hand, are acutely aware of
the need for high quality, chemical free alternatives for people who
suffer from skin sensitivities and choose to use premium quality
ingredients. Without the passion and dedication of small businesses,
like our customers, we would not have a choice to buy high quality,
conscientiously crafted, AMERICAN MADE products. I want the choice to

Promo_petition_2 Sincerely,
Kibby Mitra
CEO, Natural Sourcing, LLC ( is a trademark of Natural Sourcing)

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