From Nature With Love Announces the Launch of Beauty By the Batch

The staff of From Nature With Love is excited to announce the launch of Beauty By the Batch!

Beauty By the Batch

Through a growing library of Personal Care Articles, Beauty By the Batch teaches the benefits of using handmade beauty, health and home care products and objectively guides readers on what to look for when shopping for natural, artisan-made products.

We also will be presenting a diverse selection of talented personal and home care product artisans showcased within the Artisan Directory. Although we do not endorse artisans appearing on Beauty By the Batch, the review and approval process for artisan listings is strict. We'll never knowingly allow unethical artisans to appear within the site’s Artisan Directory.

Beauty By the Batch was conceived to meet two specific needs:

  1. Although the benefits of utilizing natural and nearly all-natural skin care, health and home care products is well-established, most of the population remains unfamiliar with these benefits. With all of the contradictory media attention given to "green living," we know it can seem like a daunting task to learn more about natural products and discover how to find the most superior and luscious products available.

    Beauty By the Batch aims to educate and enlighten its visitors with lively yet educational information on how easy it can be to introduce natural products into one's lifestyle.

  2. Most of us that are on staff with Beauty By the Batch make our own beauty products and have a deep passion and knowledge for the artistry and science that is involved. We are intimately aware of the challenges and limitations in marketing and promoting handmade beauty and home care products. We are also well aware that there are companies, large and small, that compete based on price or deceitful practices as opposed to competing based on quality and concern for the wellbeing of customers.

    We know that both quality conscious consumers and devoted artisans want to be brought together. Beauty By the Batch does exactly that. Beauty By the Batch features a comprehensive Artisan Directory that showcases some of the very best handmade beauty, health and home care artisans. Of course we cannot endorse any particular company nor do we have the staffing to be able to test every product that each of our artisans/advertisers makes, but we promise to never knowingly accept advertising or showcase an artisan or company that we know does not meet our Artisan Code of Conduct.

Beauty By the Batch Free Listing

For a limited time, qualified artisans can entroll for a FREE six month listing ($180 value) on Beauty By the Batch. Click here to learn more and to enroll!

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