Fourth of July Photos

In celebration of Independence Day, I've highlighted some of my favorite Red, White, and Blue photos from The Natural Beauty Workshop's Flickr Photo Pool. 

4th of July cake soap
The Bath Project shared this amazing 4th of July Soap Cake. How patriotic!

Give me a red! (Aphrodite by Jovia Handmade)

LEMON BLOSSOM Body Yogurt with Goats Milk Shea Butter and Botanical Extracts
Give me a white! (Lemon Blossom Body Yogurt by Mea Culpa Body and Bath)

Victorian Soap
Give me a blue! (Victorian Soap by Soapy Chica)

Guirnalda de jabón natural
And stars, of course! (Guirnalda de Jabón Natural by Camp di Fiore)

A*Kang's。Jimmy 。awhitecrow No.1
Where there are stars, there should be stripes. (Jimmy & A White Crow by A*Kang)

Red Apple Candle
After you enjoy the fireworks, enjoy a slice of Apple Pie, or at least a whiff of this candle. (Red Apple Candle by Breath of French Air)

Thanks to all of this months wonderful contributors!  To check out more awesome handmade skin care creations, check out The Natural Beauty Workshop's Flickr Photo Pool.  If you have something you'd like to share, please join in the fun by submitting your photos!

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