Food for Thought at Beauty by the Batch


Our recently launched web site, Beauty by the Batch, provides a great service by showcasing bath & body artisans in an easy to navigate directory.  You can search for an artisan by specialty, product, or simply by browsing photos on the home page.  In addition to this valuable service, Beauty by the Batch also provides a growing library of full length articles on natural and handmade personal care. 

You could literally spend hours pouring over the wealth of information available in Beauty by the Batch's Personal Care Article Library.  It touches on a wide range of subjects including Skin Care, Beauty, Massage, Health, Pet Care, Aromatherapy, and more.  Some of my favorite recent articles include:

Why are "By the Batch" Personal and Home Care Products Better?
This article provides valuable food for thought for both consumers and artisans. 

Introduction to Essential Fatty Acids
This article contains basic information necessary to understanding how and why these ingredients are so important to your health and to your beauty.

Beauty by the Batch's Guide to Purchasing Vegetable Soaps
A little background information on how handmade soap is created, and what you should look for when purchasing it.  This informative guide answers many questions that clients often have when buying handmade soap for the first time.

Be sure to check out the Personal Care Articles at Beauty by the Batch to learn more about natural and handmade personal care.

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