Employee Favorites: Fragrance Oils

With over 300 Fragrance Oils to choose from on FromNatureWithLove.com, we thought it would be nice to give our readers the inside scoop on our very favorite picks.

CEO, Natural Sourcing, LLC (FromNatureWithLove.com is a trademark of Natural Sourcing)

  • Arabian Musk reminds me of my flirtatious days – very dark, very mysterious, and definitely alluring.
  • Thai Coconut is my very favorite coconut scent!
  • Spanish Moss has a wonderfully green, earthy scent that I find really intriguing.
  • I can use Cloudberry & Willow in just about
    anything.  It’s one of the Fragrances I grab without thinking when making
    something for someone in a hurry.
  • Chamomile & Rose Petals is a perfect rose scent to me, even though I don’t typically enjoy Rose Fragrances.

Customer Care

  • Fig is warm and delicious – great for giving substance and warmth to a blend.
  • White Peach is so fresh and sophisticated. It is crisp and fruity, yet not too sweet.
  • I love the smooth and sultry scent of Sands of Morocco.
  • Black Cherry & Dark Chocolate Supreme are two other favorites of mine. I love to blend them together.


“I go in phases. In preparation for spring, I presently am finding
myself leaning towards fresh, sweeter fragrances with either a fruity
and/or floral notes.” – Wendy


  • Brazilian Water Lotus is one of my
    favorites amongst our newest fragrance oils. Its aroma is fresh, sweet,
    tropical yet slightly floral.
  • Midnight Lotus is another that is amongst my newest
    favorites. I find it crisp, light, sweet and exotic. Beautiful for
    personal care and home fragrancing.
  • I love the juicy, sweet aroma of Peach Orchard
    during the warmer months. It is especially sweet and reminds me of the
    succulent flavor of peach nectar.
  • Sweet, gentle, slightly earthy and captivating are
    the words that first come to mind when I smell our Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil.
  • Papaya Milk is another fresh, sweet and fruity favorite.
    It integrates the rich notes of vanilla, coconut and cream. It is the
    perfect sunny day aroma that is reminiscent to the luscious fragrance
    of specialty sun care products (we also offer a Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil
    that is quite nice).
  • Our Green Grass Fragrance Oil closely resembles the aroma of fresh cut acres of sweet, green grass.

Online Media

  • It’s not secret that I am a certifiable “Cookie Monster”. That is probably the reason I love our Easter Cookie Fragrance Oil so much.  It smells like a delicious sugar cookie!
  • I am also fond of our Birthday Cake Fragrance Oil.  When I smelled it for the first time, I could not get over how realistic it seemed to me.
  • Dandelion is one of my all time favorite Fragrance Oils.  The fresh, green aroma of Dandelion is unmistakable, and takes me back to childhood memories every time I smell it.
  • Apple Blossoms is one of my go-to Fragrance Oils.  The light fruity scent of Apple, and the delicate, feminine floral create the perfect balance of sweetness.
  • Persimmon Archipelago Type will blow your mind!  The cheerful, sunny aroma is totally irresistible.  Every time I use something scented with this Fragrance I can’t help but go back for a second sniff, or a third…
  • Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to highlight Sesame Fragrance Oil.  This super sweet version of Sesame is mouthwatering alone, but also blends beautifully with many fruity Fragrances.  Try combining White Peach and Sesame for a special treat!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our favorite Fragrance Oils.  Please leave a note in the comments if you’d like to share your favorites too!

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