Dried Rose Petals, Rose Buds, & Rose Petal Powder

Incorporating Rose ingredients into natural products can get expensive in a hurry.  One way to enhance a Rose themed project without adding extra Rose Essential Oil or Rose Absolute, is to incorporate dried Rose Ingredients.  Though these ingredients will not add to the aroma of your project, enhancing the appearance can help to make the overall experience more pleasant for the user.


Rose Petal Powder
This finely ground powder made from dried Rose Petals can be added to almost any recipe to add a deep, earthy tinge of Rose Color.  It makes a great addition to Rose or floral themed facials, or masks, and looks lovely when dusted on soaps or bath truffles.


Rose Buds
Tiny pink rose buds look absolutely adorable when placed on top of soap bars, bath truffles, or bath bombs.  They also make lovely additions to bath salts or milk baths. Rose Buds are the most recognizable of our Rose ingredients, and can be used in countless creative ways to enhance the appearance of products, packaging, and special projects.


Rose Petals
Available in Pink and Red, Rose Petals can be easily incorporated into a wide range of recipes.  Whether they are flecked throughout a milk bath, or used to top soap bars, Rose Petals paint a clear picture to the user, one of romance, beauty, and luxury.

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