Dead Sea Mud Grains

DeadSeaGrains This unique Dead Sea Ingredient makes an excellent ingredient for intensive exfoliating treatments for the body.  Unlike Dead Sea Clay, Dead Sea Mud Grains do not dissolve completely in water, making them great for scrubs and exfoliating soaps.  This intense exfoliant is too harsh for facial formulations or sensitive skin.  Dead Sea Mud Grains are most suitable for areas of the body that require a little extra scrubbing power, like the feet!

Like other Dead Sea Ingredients, Dead Sea Mud Grains are packed with beneficial minerals, including Magnesium, Potassium, and Bromide.  These natural minerals can help to smooth and revitalize the skin, while helping to regulate its moisture.  Try adding Dead Sea Mud Grains to pedicure treatments, intense body scrubs, and exfoliating soaps.

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