Dead Sea Mud

The amazing benefits of The Dead Sea can also be found in its mineral rich mud. This dense, dark colored mud is sometimes called "Black Mud", and is used in spas worldwide for detoxification and beauty treatments. It can also be used at home to create customized skin and bodycare recipes. Dead Sea Mud is said to tighten pores, draw out toxins, and increase circulation, making it a fantastic ingredient for facial and body masks. Complimentary essential oils, carrier oils, grains, or herbs to further enhance  the treatment. Dead Sea Mud is also a popular ingredient for use in body wraps and thalassotherapy. When combined with skin nourishing sea vegetables, Dead Sea Mud treatments can help to mobilize fat and cellulite, encouraging both to exit the body. carries a Dead Sea Mud that has been sterilized using high temperature steam. This mineral rich mud has a fine texture, and is slightly softer than some other muds that are available. Dead Sea Brine can be mixed into the mud to create an even looser consistency.

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