Create Customized Treatments Using Cosmetic Clays

Cosmeticclays offers a large selection of Cosmetic Clays, each with its own unique properties and characteristics. Gentle Kaolin Clays come in a wide range of beautiful colors and are especially versatile due to their fine texture and mild absorption. Mineral rich French Green and Dead Sea Clays are renowned for their exceptional detoxifying properties. You can combine any of these clays with fresh ingredients like pureed fruit, yogurt, honey or Dead Sea Water for a unique home spa experience that you will not soon forget. Clays can also be mixed with a multitude of other natural products, including: Carrier Oils, Milk Powders, Herbs, CO2 extracts, Essential oils or Hydrosols. The addition of these ingredients offers you a unique opportunity to create products and treatments that are customized to an individual skin type. For example, combining a clay with strong drawing properties with a moisturizing wetting agent, like Jojoba or plain yogurt, will leave skin purified without becoming  overly dry and irritated. Adding a blend of antibacterial essential oils and moisturizing carrier oils to gentle clay can be a wonderful treat for tricky combination skin. Every person's skin is different. Clays allow you to create every facial, body mask or hair treatment with that fact in mind.

Do you have a customized skincare recipe that uses Cosmetic Clays? If so, we would love to hear from you.

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