Crafting for Kids

Tired of filling kids stockings and gift bundles with candy and predictable, store bought toys?  Why not create some fun soaps and bath tub goodies made just for kids?  Simple formulas such as Bath Salts, Melt & Pour Soaps, and Bath Bombs, can easily be tailored to entice kids of all ages.  Bright colors and unexpected scents are the key to tickling a kid's funny bone.  Try some of the following Fragrance Oils to get your little one's attention:

One clever way to utilize a child's sense of smell is to create a "Scrub n' Sniff" set of Mini Soaps, Bath Salts, or Bath Bombs.  Kids will have a blast guessing each scent, then using them in the tub.  The same idea can be used to create a set of fun scented Lip Balms.  Try using some of the following Flavor Oils to create a set of Lip Balms that kids will adore:


What are your favorite recipes to craft for kids?  Share them with us in the comments below.

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