Crafting Bath & Body Products With Children

Anyone who lives with kids knows how much they love to be involved when something is being created.  Whether you are cooking, crafting, or even writing a grocery list, children's natural curiosity inspires them to ask questions, make suggestions, and even "help".  While some more advanced projects, such as Cold Process Soap Making, can be impossible to work on with little ones around, there are plenty of simple Skin Care formulas that kids can have fun creating with you.


There are some special things to consider when working on projects with children.  First of all, ingredients must be chosen with care.  Certain Essential Oils or Herbs can be hazardous to kids, depending on their age, allergies, or specific medical conditions.  Make sure to research any Essential Oils before use, and always handle the Essential Oils yourself, even when working with older kids.  When working with hot liquids, be sure to help your kids by doing all of the direct pouring and handling.  With any project, supervision is key.

Bath saltsBath Salts
Bath Salts are very simple to make, and make an ideal afternoon project, or even a short term diversion for kids. Let your child pick the color and scent of their Salts.  Depending on the child's age, you can allow them to add these ingredients, or you can measure them yourself.  Even little kids will love simply stirring the salts together.  Picking out fun containers makes this project even more enjoyable.

Melt & Pour Soap
Creating soap together requires the full attention and assistance of an adult.  Even older kids will need an adult to handle the hot liquids involved in a Melt & Pour Soap Project. To make this easy for kids, try pouring a small amount of melted Soap Base into a heat proof cup.  Kids can stir in Colorants, Fragrances, and Additives for one soap at a time, limiting how much hot liquid they need to handle at a time.  This project, and other projects involving hot liquids are best reserved for older kids.

Clay Masks
Gentle facials and masks are a treat for kids to make and use.  Make sure to pick very gentle ingredients, such as White Kaolin Clay, Oat Flour, Fruit Fibers, or Honey Powder.  These simple facials can be wetted with water, fresh milk or yogurt, or even fresh pureed fruit.  You and your kids will have a blast mixing up the facials and painting eachother's faces.

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