Cooking With The Ladies (and One Small Gentleman)

Fnwl_workshop_four_picturesLast Wednesday we held another Employee Workshop at  I love getting together with the my co-workers to share a little quality time, knowledge, and fun.  We have a few new faces in our office; Colleen, Alicia, and Marie.  This was a great chance for us all to get to know each other better while everyone learned a little more about the products that we offer.

We were treated to a couple of special guests at this workshop.  Nina, from customer care, invited her mom, Nancy, and little brother, Tycho, to join us.  It was very nice to meet them both, and I think they had a pretty good time.  Tycho was our official helper for the workshop.  He helped stir, helped sniff scents, and he helped keep us smiling the whole time!  Nancy mentioned that she was interested in making a brown sugar scrub, so we decided it would be a great opportunity to whip up a batch of Chocolate Truffle Sugar Scrub.  Here is Colleen on the right pouring the sugar for the scrub.  In the background you can see Alicia, Marie, and Nina’s mom, Nancy!

Fnwl_workshop_colleen_marie_2 We also made a batch of delightfully gooey lip glosses.  You can see Marie on the right mixing up her cup.  These were made using a secret recipe of Nina’s.  I’m going to have to start from scratch and see if I can make a version for The Natural Beauty Workshop.  We each scented and colored our own small batches of gloss.  This gave everyone an opportunity to blend their own unique color and scent.  Alicia, one of our newest additions, turns out to have a natural nose for blending aromas!  She created a captivating blend of Strawberry and Rose Flavor Oil for her gloss.  I tried to coax her into a portrait with her gloss, but Alicia was camera shy!  Maybe I’ll catch this master perfumer in the act next time.  Colleen and Nina did some great blending as well.  Colleen scented her gloss with Tangerine and Peach Flavor Oils.  Nina went a step further and blended her colors!  She combined Two Tone Red Gold Mica with Bordeaux Lustre Mica to create a very pretty and unique shade.

All in all it was a great success!  At the end we all left with some yummy lip gloss and a jar of our very own Chocolate Truffle Sugar Scrub.  You can’t beat the fringe benefits around here!  To view larger pictures of the ones featured here visit my Flickr Page!


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