Coffee Bean Ingredients

The coffee bean is used to produce one of the most popular beverages on Earth, coffee!  This simple beverage, made by infusing roasted coffee beans into water, has been enjoyed for generations, and reinvented countless times by  farmers, roasters, and baristas.  Skin care formulators have recently gotten into the act as well, incorporating coffee Ingredients into natural skin care products.  The natural, beneficial components found in coffee make it an ideal ingredient for anti-aging products, and it is quickly becoming popular in the skin care industry.

We are proud to carry a huge line of coffee based ingredients.  Each ingredient has its own unique values and benefits, allowing coffee lovers to choose exactly the right ingredient for their formulas.

Green Coffee Oil
The most unadulterated of coffee bean ingredients, Green Coffee Oil is cold pressed from fresh, green coffee beans, and contains an impressive amount of phytosterols  and essential fatty acids.  It has a striking, herbaceous aroma that is quite different from roasted coffee bean ingredients.  It is ideal for use in facial products, spa treatments, and mature skin care.

Roasted Coffee Oil
The most obvious difference is in the Oils color and aroma.  Roasted Coffee Oil is dark brown, and has a robust coffee aroma.  Like Green Coffee Oil, Roasted Coffee Oil is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids.  Both Oils are highly moisturizing, but the strong odor of Roasted Coffee Oil makes it a better choice for balms, lotions, body butters, or lip products.  Products that will benefit from the addition of Roasted Coffee Oil’s natural aroma are ideal, as the scent is not easy to mask.

Coffee Bean Butter
This smooth creamy Butter resembles delicious coffee ice cream, and has an aroma that is equally enticing.  Made by hydrogenating Roasted Coffee Oil and Vegetable Oil (usually Sunflower or Soybean Oil) Coffee Bean Butter makes a wonderful addition to balms, body butters, or lip balms.  It can also be used as an aromatic substitue for other soft butters such as Avocado or Macadamia Butter in many recipes.

Mochachinno Butter
This Butter is especially unique, as it is our own blend of Coffee Bean Butter and Pure Cocoa Butter.  These two delicious smelling Butters create a sensation when blended at just the right proportion.  This Butter is truly a treat for Mocha Lovers, and makes an incredible addition to any formula that includes a semi soft Butter.  Though the aroma of Coffee Bean and Mochachinno Butters will not survive complex formulas such as Cold Process Soap, they make a great impression on simple recipes such as balms, lotions, and bath melts.

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