Coffee Bean Butter


Following suit to many other foods that were once considered vices, coffee has recently received attention for it's rich antioxidant content. There have even been benefits associated with coffee's most famous component, caffeine. As a result, coffee based skincare products have become very popular. Coffee Bean Butter is created by hydrogenating the oil that is pressed from roasted coffee beans along with soybean and/or sunflower oils. This highly moisturizing and aromatic butter is a lovely shade of beige, reminiscent of coffee flavored ice cream. The consistency is soft and smooth, but what will catch your attention first is the heavenly aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Coffee Bean Butter is as beneficial as it is appealing. It's high polyphenol content makes it excellent at retaining moisture. It is high in antioxidants and may have some sun protection value.

This butter makes an excellent ingredient in fresh creams and lotions. With its naturally rich aroma,  Coffee Bean Butter can be used to add a natural scent to a product. Body Butters and massage bars, and bath melts are more wonderful formulas to use with Coffee Bean Butter. Also, try adding other naturally scented butters and oils to your formula to create unique natural scent combinations. Cocoa Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil or Cocoa Powder would mix beautifully with Coffee Bean Butter.

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