Coconut Milk Powder

While Whole Milk Powder or Buttermilk Powder are more often the first choice for creating milk baths or milk based soaps, Coconut Milk Powder makes a unique alternative. Similar in behavior to other Milk Powders, Coconut Milk Powder can be reconstituted to the thickness of your choice by slowly mixing it with small amounts of water. The liquid milk makes a nutritive wetting agent for clay facials, an exotic addition to cold process soaps, or even can be used in the creation of fresh creams. Coconut Milk Powder can also be used dry. Mix it with Honey Powder, Fine Oatmeal, and Cornstarch to create an exotic variation on the classic Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Bath.


Coconut Milk Powder has a rich, but subtle aroma of natural coconut, making it a fragrant addition to milk based recipes.  Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla, or Lime can make a lovely compliment to the subtle scent of Coconut Milk Powder.  To enhance this aroma naturally, try pairing it with an Essential Oil or with Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil in recipes that include both oil and water, such as fresh lotions.

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