Cocoa Powder


Cocoa Powder is a very pleasant addition to home spa and finished product formulas alike. Its pleasing aroma can add subtle, natural fragrance, along with a rich brown color. It blends seamlessly with Moor Mud, making it a deliciously indulgent addition to facial and body masks. It can be dusted atop bath bombs, bath melts, or salts, to add visual appeal and creative flair. Best of all, it is a totally natural way to enhance your product or treatment.

There are some recipes where Cocoa Powder may not be ideal. Cocoa Powder is not water or oil soluble. When it is added to a cream or a lotion it will not "sink into" the skin. Instead, try adding Cocoa Powder to products that are intended to be rinsed off, such as scrubs, soaps, and milk baths.

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