CO2 Extracts

Yet another method of extracting botanical oils is through the use of supercritical CO2 extraction. Carbon dioxide is converted to a liquid form and is used like a solvent to extract the plant components. When a low pressure of CO2 is used, only the most volatile components of the plant are extracted. These extracts are called CO2 Selects, referring to how they only contain the select materials. CO2 Selects contain only the essential oil of the plant. These tend to be thinner than CO2 Totals, which contain more actual plant material, both volatile and non-volatile components. These are created by using a higher pressure of CO2 during extraction. CO2 totals tend to be thicker, more slow moving extracts since they contain the natural waxes or resins of the plant.

What makes CO2 Extracts so exceptional is that they contain no leftover solvent residue. The carbon dioxide returns to its natural gaseous state at the end of the process, leaving nothing but the pure extract behind. These oils are the closest representation of the natural botanical ever achieved. Because the plants are not in risk of heat degradation, CO2 Extracts can be made from a vast number of plants. proudly carries a large selection of unique CO2 Extracts that are wonderful for use in natural skincare products as well as aromatherapy.

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