Chocolate Peppermint Essential Oil

A subtle twist on classic Peppermint, this unique Essential Oil contains a gentle touch of chocolate aroma.  This all natural Essential Oil has been distilled from a special kind of mint that has been grown organically in accordance with USDA Organic Standards.  The aroma of Chocolate Peppermint Essential Oil is a bit softer and smoother than that of most classic Peppermints, making it an excellent choice for perfumery, spa, and skin care applications.  We recommend adding it to formulas containing Cocoa Butter to help highlight the Essential Oil’s chocolate note.  Chocolate Peppermint Essential Oil would make a great choice for holiday themed lip balms, bath truffles, and soaps.  As with classic Peppermint, be careful not to use too much, or it can cause an overdose of cooling effects, especially when used in  a bath or directly on the skin.

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