Cherry Kernel Oil


This oil was a main ingredient in the Goddess Salt Scrub recipe, and I received a request for a little background information on it.  I’m always happy to oblige, so if you ever have a question, please let me knowCherry Kernel Oil is a light, emollient
oil, similar in texture to Sweet Almond or Apricot Kernel Oil.  In fact, Cherry Kernel Oil can act a substitute for these oils in many types of non-soap formulations. Like other
fruit or berry seed oils it contains a high amount of essential fatty acids.  The acids
particularly high in Cherry Kernel Oil are the omega 6 and 9 acids. It
is also rich in tocopherols, making it a very stable oil, therefor a
good choice for soaps and cosmetic formulations.  Cherry Kernel Oil
makes a great addition to lip balms, skin creams, scrubs or masks.  It
can also lend its moisturizing properties to haircare formulas where
lighter oils are often preferred. 

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