Burdock Extract

Burdock Burdock, a plant from the Thistle family, is native to the eastern hemisphere, but was later introduced worldwide.  This prickly plant is usually recognized by its lovely purple flowers, and its broad, round leaves.  The root of the Burdock plant has been used in traditional folk medicines, and has been found to be quite useful in natural skin and hair care.  Burdock Root has astringent and antibacterial properties, but is mostly used for its skin soothing benfits.  Burdock Root can help to alleviate skin irritation and itchiness when added to skin care formulas.  In hair care, Burdock Root can help to soothe itchy scalp, control dandruff, and regulate sebum production, resulting in a healthier looking hair and scalp.  Burdock Root can be infused into oil or water using heat, but the process can be time consuming and messy.  Many formulators prefer to work with the Powdered Extract.  Burdock Root Extract is water soluble, and is easily incorporated into formulas such as lotions, hair conditioners, toners, rinses, and soaps.  It is concentrated at a rate of 4:1, meaning it is four times stronger than pure Burdock Root Extract.  It is also shelf stable, and can be stored for long periods in its dry form, provided that it remains cool and dry.

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