Brahmi Oil

In Ayurvedic Massage, Brahmi Oil is used to revitalize the senses while easing tension and anxiety.  Brahmi Oil is said to improve memory, promote intelligence and brain function, as well as provide deeper, more restful sleep.  While massage alone boasts many of these benefits, adding Brahmi Oil to a massage blend may enhance the overall experience.

Bramhi Oil is composed primarily of Sesame Oil.  This light, moisturizing oil has been infused with Brahmi and Spikenard Extracts, creating a potent ingredient for massage and skin care.  This infused oil makes a beneficial addition to the bath.  Especially useful before bed, Brahmi Oil can strongly aid in relaxation.  Brahmi Oil can be added directly to bath water, incorporated into a bath salt mixture, or it can be mixed with an equal portion of the synthetic emulsifer, Polysorbate 20 to make it water dispersible.

This herbal infused oil is also thought to help improve scalp condition, decreasing dandruff and dry, flaky skin.  Brahmi Oil can be added to hair treatments, conditioners, and shampoos.  Scalp massages using Brahmi Oil are another popular way to incorporate this Ayurvedic Oil into a hair care routine.  Apply warm Brahmi Oil to the roots of the hair and gently massage to stimulate and revitalize the scalp.  This practice may also help to relieve minor insomnia.

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