Borage Oil

Borage, or Starflower seeds, produce an oil with one of the highest rates of Omega 6, Gamma Linolenic acid. Omega 6 is a fatty acid that is most prominently found in breast milk. It helps to regulate not only skin condition, but also immunity. The human body does not produce Omega 6 on its own, making the regular consumption or application of oils containing this rare fatty acid extremely helpful to beautiful skin. It is also thought to be helpful to those suffering from psoriasis, a skin condition that is related to immunity dysfunction. Borage Seed Oil is a superb ingredient for use in facial serums, masks, and intensive creams. It can be added at just 10% to most formulations to provide hydration and restorative benefits, but can also be used at its full strength as a facial or body oil. Other oils rich in Gamma Linolenic Acid are Evening Primrose and Blackcurrant Oil.

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