Bora White Sand & Tahitian Volcanic Black Sand

Black Sand Coral
Photo by Claudia Meyers

Natural Sands from the Pacific Islands makes an exotic, and intensely exfoliating addition to hand, foot, and body scrubs.  These ethically harvested beach sands are collected under strict guidelines to ensure sustainability, and are sanitized for safe use in skin care products.  Though these Sands do make excellent exfoliants, they can be a little intense.  Keep this in mind when formulating. 

These Sands come in two varieties, Bora White Sand, and Tahitian Black Sand.  Bora White Sand is composed primarily of crushed coral or calcium carbonate.  It has a bright, white color, which adds a soft, lovely appearance to scrubs, soaps, and other exfoliating products.  Tahitian Black Sand is formed by volcanic lava, and has a gorgeous black color.

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