Bee’s Milk

Bee’s Milk is one of the more mysterious sounding products carried at  When I first heard the word, my mind was completely boggled as to what it could possibly be.  Fueled by my curiosity, I pounced on this product as soon as it came through the door.  "What is it?", I inquired.  The answer was as curious as the question.  This unique product has a great deal of potential uses, taking advantage of this new product will be a treat for formulators who love a good experiment.


Bee’s Milk is a water soluble solution of Beeswax, Sesame Oil, Lecithin and water that has been preserved using a methylparaben. The application of Bee’s Milk in skincare formulation should peak the interest of those creative individuals who are looking to try something new.  Bee’s Milk can be added to any water based formulations, or oil/water emulsions. Creams, lotions, and facial serums can all be enhanced by the addition of Bee’s Milk.  It can be also be used to thin finished lotions or creams.

Bee’s Milk is also growing in popularity as an ingredient in haircare formulations.  It can be added to leave-in conditioners or styling agents.  Bee’s Milk can help to create a moisture barrier around the hair as well as helping to reduce frizziness.  Also, try adding Bee’s Milk to a body splash.  The light emollience of Beeswax and Sesame Oil can enhance the benefits of a simple scented spray. 

The potential uses for Bee’s Milk are vast!  The next place I am going to try using it is in a bath bomb.  What have you used Bee’s Milk in?  I would love to hear about other people’s experiences with this product.   Email me, or leave a comment to share your Bee’s Milk story with us.

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