Bath Bombs by Eleaine Stavert

9781861086150M We’ve added another sensational book to the Online Bookstore at FromNatureWithLove.comBath Bombs, by Elaine Stavert, is a complete guide to making Bath Bombs in any shape, size, color, or scent.  The beginning of the book includes several chapters that go over important ingredient information and technique, including descriptive photos of the trickiest stages of the Bath Bomb making process.   The book also includes 30 unique Bath Bomb recipes that use a wide variety of ingredients.

While the book includes plenty of info on making Bath Bombs in fun colors and scents using synthetic ingredients, it puts a very special focus on creating all natural Bath Bombs as well.  The book highlights the use of Bath Bombs in aromatherapy and features ingredient profiles on a wide range of Essential Oils and all natural Herbs and Botanicals.

In addition to offering loads of info on Bath Bombs, there is an entire section of the book that discusses blending custom scents.  This well presented crash course in aroma building walks you through using top, middle, and base notes, getting to know your fragrances, and of course, blending!  The author provides a few suggestion blends, then thoughtfully includes blank pages for the user to track their own blends.

Bath Bombs were my very first introduction to handmade bath & body products, so they will always hold a special interest for me.  Perhaps that is why I can’t seem to put this book down!  While I’m sure that my personal attachment has a little to do with it, I’m sure the real reason is that Bath Bombs by Elaine Stavert is well put together, full of information, and contains pages and pages of gorgeous photos.

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