Banslochan (Bamboo) Powder

One of the most versatile and sustainable resources on the planet, Bamboo has made its mark in nearly every consumable industry.  It can be found in food products, medicines, furniture, housewares, paper, bed linens, and even clothing.  Is it any surprise that this lucky plant can be used in skin care?

Banslochan Powder is finely milled, and quite rich in silica.  Soft and silky to the touch, Banslochan Powder adds gentle but effective exfoliation to scrubs.  The delicate texture of Banslochan Powder makes it superb for use in facials.  It is also a useful addition to home spa treatments such as body masks, and wraps. 

The use of Banslochan Powder in soap making has been a unique challenge for me.  The first and only time I have used Banslochan Powder in soap was during a re-batching.  I added the powder to my soap as I would any other exfoliant.  To my surprise, the Banslochan Powder actually escaped from the soap as it dried and cured!  Every day I would check on the soap to find it wrapped in a cocoon of extremely soft and fluffy, white fibers.  I would remove the fiber consistently, only to return to a renewed cocoon the following day.  I have never seen anything like it.

I have seen soaps on the market that contain Banslochan or Bamboo Powder, and am still very interested in incorporating this product into a soap.  I still have hope that this product may behave if used in another soaping process and would love to hear from anyone who has had experience using Banslochan Powder in a soap.  In the meantime, I will have to continue experimenting with this extremely unique product!

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