Ayurvedic Hair Cream

This moisturizing hair cream combines soft, creamy Shealoe Butter with Amla Oil and Mahabhringraj Oil, two Ayurvedic Oils that are especially beneficial to hair care treatments.  Amla Oil can help to strengthen hair at the root, improve scalp condition, and encourage the growth of healthier hair.  Mahabhringraj Oil can help to inhibit the frequency of gray hair, and help prevent hair loss.  This mixture has a very soft, creamy texture, and can be used to help condition and style the hair.  Intensely moisturizing, this formula would probably not be helpful to those with oily or fine hair.  I should also note that this formula has a very strong, herbal aroma, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  You may want to add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil, or Jasmine Absolute to give this hair cream a more pleasant aroma.


Ayurvedic Hair Cream

Makes about 4 ounces.

1 ounce Amla Oil*
1 ounces Mahabhringraj Oil*
2 ounces Shealoe Butter

Gently melt the Shealoe Butter over medium heat in a double boiler.  As soon as the Shealoe Butter has softened into a liquid, remove it from the heat and add the two Ayurvedic Oils.  Whip the mixture until it cools. The cream should thicken slightly as it cools down, but will not become firm.  If desired, add a few drops of your favorite Absolute, Attar, or Essential OilJasmine Absolute would be a great choice.  Transfer the mixture to a clean jar and allow it to cool completely.

Usage and Packaging
This intensely moisturizing hair cream can be used in very small quantities to add targeted moisture, or to help a hair style hold its texture.  Ayurvedic Hair Cream may be especially effective when applied to the ends of the hair, or when it is rubbed into the scalp as an overnight treatment.  Please note that this formula may be too intense for some hair types.  Experiment with a small amount before using a lot of product.  Ayurvedic Hair Cream can be packaged in any 4 ounce jar.  I particularly like using Flat White Cream Jars for this formula. Print Bar 2

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