Autumn Leaves and Apple Trees

When October comes to New England it brings with it an amazing multi-colored coat of oranges, reds and
yellows. The constant glow of the Autumn foliage can warm your spirit as the temperature drops. Cool, breezy hikes, mugs of hot tea, and light knitted cardigans are a few of my favorite things about October. Another thing I love about this month is apples!

For my friends and I, apple picking is one of the highlights of the fall. Every October we pack up the wee ones and take a trip to Averill Farm in nearby, Washington, Connecticut. This scenic orchard is magnificently planted on a high hill top. On a clear day the views are just breathtaking. Combine that with a brilliant blue sky, fresh air, and cute kids riding in apple filled wagons, and you have a day trip that won’t soon be forgotten. Please feel free to check out some pictures from our last trip in my photo album. Take a look at these nationwide orchard listings to plan your own day of apple picking.

Averill_farmFreshly picked apples come pouring into farm markets and grocery stores at this time of year, calling to mind all of those delicious creations that apples can be used to make. While most people are thinking of what apples can bring to their kitchen, my mind is naturally turned toward the bath. Apples can make great home spa ingredients. As Winter approaches, limiting the bounty of fresh fruits available locally, apples are one of the last hurrahs for fresh food and ingredient enthusiasts.

Ripe_apples_2Apples are naturally rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavanoids. This gives them great skin brightening ability. Apples can also help reduce redness with their natural anti-inflammatory properties. A fresh mask can be made easily with apples. They can be mashed into a paste and used as is, or they can be added to other complimentary ingredients for a luxurious home spa experience. Add Yogurt or Milk Powder to increase exfoliation. Honey or Honey Powder can be added to increase the mask’s cleansing and antiseptic properties. An oil that is high in antioxidant value would also make a nice addition to your apple mask. Red Raspberry Seed Oil or Cranberry Seed Oil would be ideal choices, as they also carry some anti-inflammatory properties. Be creative!

Do you have a favorite skin care recipe that includes apples? If so, I would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment or contact me with the recipe you would like to share.

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