Arnika (Arnica Montana)
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Arnica is a popular flowering herb that has been used for ages in herbal and folk remedies. While Arnica is used for a number of benefits medicinally it is probably most well known for its abilities to help reduce bruising and inflammation. Arnica is often used in soothing salves, balms, and tinctures to help alleviate red, itchy, or inflamed skin. Arnica is also a common main ingredient in bruise balms or ointments. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, Arnica may also be a valuable ingredient for use in hair care formulations. Arnica may help to encourage hair growth when used in conditioners, hair oils, and scalp treatments.

From Nature With Love offers two distinct types of Arnica ingredients that can be used in a wide range of formulations. Our Arnica Oil is a stable Soybean Oil that has been infused with Arnica Extract via maceration. This Oil has an approximate strength of 10 parts Oil to 1 part Arnica Blossoms, and can be used in skin and hair care formulas at a rate of 5-10%. It is easy to combine with other Oils to create simple and beneficial Oil Blends, and behaves similarly to most other Carrier Oils when incorporated into other types of formulas such as balms, lotions, or salves. We also offer Arnica Flower Total CO2 Extract. This potent extract can be used in formulations at just 1-2%. It is an excellent choice for balms, ointments, and conditioners.

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