Angelica Root

Photo by Axel Kristinsson

Angelica Archangelica is sometimes referred to as "the ginseng of the north".  The plant grows wild in many northern countries including Iceland,
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, but is mainly cultivated in France. The oil extracted from its roots can provide a warming, stimulating sensation when used in massage and skin care products.  It is also said to help ward off infectious diseases.  In perfumery, Angelica Root is treasured for its unique aroma, which is both sweet and spicy.  

Angelica Root is available in many forms for use in skin care, aromatherapy, and herbalism.  The most commonly used would be Angelica Root Essential Oil.  This steam distilled Oil is quite potent, and can be used in massage oils, creams, salves, and perfumes.  Angelica Root CO2 Extract is a bit more potent, as it is a Select CO2, and have been standardized to include only the most potent portions of the plants extract.  Angelica Root CO2 can be used similarly to Essential Oil.  Angelica Root Hydrosol is yet another way to include the unique benefits of Angelica into your formulations.  Being far milder than Essential Oil or CO2 Extract, Angelica Root Hydrosol can be used more freely than its corresponding ingredients.  The Hydrosol can be used directly on the skin, or in a formulation such as a body splash, cream, or herbal steam.  This special Hydrosol is said to help relieve tension and anxiety as well as promote spiritual and mental wellness.

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