Acai Oil

Acai_berriesThese deep blue rain forest berries are jam packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin C.  Acai berries are among the most popular of rain forest ingredients that have recently gained attention for their applications in skin care and spa treatments.  These nutritive berries are used to produce Acai Oil, an exciting new skin care ingredient that we are thrilled to carry on

Like other Berry Seed Oils, Acai Oil contains a high amount of antioxidants, helping to protect the skin from harmful free radicals and the oxidation of cells.  In addition to boasting a potent supply of antioxidants, Acai Oil is rich in the essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 9.  These powerful components can help to combat the signs of aging by improving the skin’s overall moisture, health, and appearance.

Acai Oil makes a wonderful choice for anti-aging formulations such as masks, serums, cleansers, and creams.  Due to its high antioxidant value it also makes a great addition to sensitive skin products.  This nutrient rich oil can be used directly on the skin or it can be blended with other nutritive ingredients to create skin nourishing formulas including massage blends, body butters, hair conditioners, and exfoliating scrubs.

Photo by Ronaldo Salame

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