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How to Make DIY Natural Baby Powder with Chamomile

I recently received a few messages from babies whose moms and dads read The Aromahead Blog . . .

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How to Take a Bath (advice from Roman Chamomile)

Okay, you probably know how to take a bath . . . but do you know how to take a really good bath?

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DIY Formula to Make Essential Oil Perfume that’s Perfect for You

How cool is it that we can make essential oil perfume that’s all natural, smells good, and helps us feel good at the same time?

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Make Natural Sting Salve with Essential Oils!

Opopanax essential oil has a lot in common with its friends, Frankincense and Myrrh.

These essential oils are all distilled from resins, and they’re all good at caring for skin and soothing inflammation. Perfect for things like Aromatherapy bug bite itch sticks, or natural sting salve with essential oils.

I wrote about these three friends in my book, The Heart of Aromatherapy. I imagined that if they were people, they would love history and archeology . . . that’s because they all have a history of being used in skin care and perfumes in places like Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

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3 Ways to Use Peppermint Essential Oil (and 1 way not to!)

Peppermint essential oil is a favorite for a lot of people, and that’s no surprise—Peppermint’s personality is upbeat, lively, and super-cool! I like to think of Peppermint essential oil as the friend who always has energy to go out and have fun, and who can help us see the bright side of any situation.  (Peppermint is listening to upbeat music as I’m writing this blog post . . .)

If you’re feeling low-energy, your friend Peppermint will come and take you out for a night of dancing and laughter. (It’s a great party organizer!)

If you’re worried about something, Peppermint essential oil will help you leave behind old thought patterns and usher in clear, fresh energy.

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Make Natural Deodorant Sticks that Work!

Let’s imagine Cypress essential oil is a person . . .

It likes to exercise, dance, move around, and just generally get sweaty! Movement makes Cypress feel alive and full of joy.

But Cypress also likes to smell good. So of course it uses natural deodorant.

Cypress has high standards, though. It doesn’t put anything under its arms that’s too sticky, too greasy, full of unnatural ingredients, or just plain doesn’t work! Deodorant should help you smell good and feel good. And of course it should support your health at the same time.

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Using Essential Oils Safely for Kids

Ready to use essential oils for kids more confidently, more effectively? . . . and more safely?

There’s nothing better than being able to support your children’s health naturally. Sometimes when you use essential oils for kids, your success can surprise you! Like Stephanie . . .

“My daughter went skating and fell. She was in SO much pain. I whipped up a blend with Helichrysum, Lavender and Trauma Oil and voila! She had no pain, no inflammation and no bruises, the next day! I totally surprised myself with the success of my blend!” 
– Stephanie Stephan

Three simple, natural ingredients had such a profound effect for Stephanie’s daughter!

Maybe you know a few essential oils well and have a few key recipes that you return to time and again. (You KNOW those oils will help and you’re not about to take chances with your kids’ health.)

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3 Essential Oils for Nausea (+ how they work!)

Keep a naturally calm tummy with essential oils for nausea

When your belly doesn’t feel settled, it’s often a sign that something isn’t quite right. And it’s really hard to focus on anything else!

Sometimes nausea occurs because we’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with us. Other times it’s because we’re traveling and feel a little unsteady. Nausea can also accompany anxiety (bad timing if we’re nervous before a performance or presentation!)

I want to talk about some of my favorite essential oils for nausea and indigestion. These are oils that can help settle your belly, ease spasms, relax muscles, and support circulation. We want to support our bodies to feel stable and secure, while still supporting our digestive system to “do its thing.”

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