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“Wish Come True” Soap-Free Face Wash

Want a dream come true this holiday season? Make this soap-free face wash for naturally clean skin!

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How an Aromatherapist Helps Individuals Who’ve Experienced Trauma

Aromahead Graduate Cynthia Tamlyn has a very special focus in her business.

“I have dedicated my practice to improving the lives of children and adults who have experienced trauma. My mission is to bridge the work of trauma research, neuroscience, and clinical aromatherapy.”

She works with families, children, first responders, veterans, and other survivors of violence.

Trauma is never easy, and it is especially heartbreaking when children experience it. Working within the trauma field takes a special skill set, patience, and a big heart.

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Aromatherapy Gift Idea: Bee Sweet Lip Balm Recipe

Want to make natural lip balm as a holiday Aromatherapy gift for people on your list?

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How to Make a Holiday Diffuser Blend that Smells Great + Reduces Germs

Keeping the air in your home clean is always important for health.

And if you live in an area where the air gets very cold and dry around the holidays, reducing airborne germs is more important than ever!

So let’s make a fresh, festive holiday diffuser blend to help neutralize those germs, keep your immunity strong, and make your home smell amazing!

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Aromahead Approval for NAHA’s new Level 3! (Excellent news for our students!)

I have been in communication with NAHA recently, and wanted to share something with you!

NAHA is the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. They’re one of the most well-regarded Aromatherapy organizations in the world.

They have very high standards for essential oil education.

If an Aromatherapy school wants to offer an Aromatherapy Certification Program, getting their program approved by NAHA is a BIG step—and a big sign that the school provides in-depth education based in science and research.

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Clean Your Floors Naturally!

How to Use Hydrosols and Essential oils to Clean Your Floors Naturally (these work for carpets too!)

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How to Make DIY Natural Baby Powder with Chamomile

I recently received a few messages from babies whose moms and dads read The Aromahead Blog . . .

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How to Take a Bath (advice from Roman Chamomile)

Okay, you probably know how to take a bath . . . but do you know how to take a really good bath?

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