Aromatherapy Careers: Starting an Aromatherapy Apothecary

“I discovered Aromatherapy while exploring alternatives to pharmaceuticals as a psychiatric nurse.”

That quote is from Certified Aromatherapist and RN, Lauren Andrews.

Would you believe it . . . Lauren learned so much about Aromatherapy, and developed such a love for it, that she eventually retired from being an RN to pursue a career in Aromatherapy full-time.

She now runs AroMed—an all-natural Aromatherapy apothecary in Vermont and online. 

Lauren offers a LOT of products, services, and support for customers of AroMed! I just want to list some of what she offers here for you, so you can see what’s possible when you decide to pursue a career in Aromatherapy. (You could create an Aromatherapy career around even ONE of these things!)