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What Essential Oils are Good for Pain? 3 Oils that WORK!

I understand that being in pain can make us feel distracted from the things that matter to us—and even impatient.

So let’s get right to the information and recipe!

I want to tell you about how 3 essential oils are good for pain, why they work, and how to use them.

Ginger essential oil (Zingiber officinale)

Most people think of using Ginger essential oil for digestion, but it is an amazing essential oil for pain relief!

Ginger’s warm, spicy touch helps calm inflammation and bring circulation to areas where it’s applied. I especially love it for places that feel chilly and swollen.

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Learn How To Use Essential Oils for Anxiety—and get NATURAL RELIEF!

I have been getting a lot of questions about using essential oils for anxiety.

I understand that anxiety and overwhelm are difficult emotions.

I understand that you can’t just “think yourself into a better place.” (If only it were that easy!)

And I get that you’re looking for natural ways to relieve your anxiety.

For some people, turning to medications just does not feel like the right answer. For others who have found medications that are helping, finding natural ways to complement that feels very supportive.

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Loose Incense Recipe with Frankincense and Myrrh

If you’ve never burned loose resin incense, it’s very easy.

There’s something soothing about it too—just the sight of the incense smoke rising from the natural loose incense, perhaps out of a beautiful incense burner, can help you feel connected to the moment. You can watch me burn loose incense in this video. (It can help to watch someone do it if you’re new to the process.)

Making your own loose incense recipe can be such fun, too. Working with resins, herbs, and essential oils can put you in touch with a creative side of yourself connected to nature. Not to mention it fills your home with gorgeous aroma!

This is a variation of a popular loose incense recipe I created for YouTube. You can watch me make that here, and follow the same process for this blend. I’ll also share directions for you below.

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How One Aromatherapist Helps Children Process Grief

Many years ago, Teresa Smith met a “hippie” who sold her a bottle of Lavender essential oil, saying it would help relieve her stress.

Teresa had always loved the natural world, and decided to give the Lavender essential oil a try.

It worked!

That experience started Teresa on a journey, and she earned her Aromatherapy Certification with Aromahead Institute in 2012.

She learned that essential oils can support us in so many therapeutic ways—from calming inflammation, preventing infection, relieving headaches, and offering more mental focus.

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Headaches? Not with these 4 essential oils for headaches!

Some of your essential oil friends heard that you sometimes get headaches.

Specifically, Frankincense, Lemon, Black Spruce, and Hemlock—and they all have ideas for how to calm your headaches down. (These are 4 amazing essential oils for headaches!)

Frankincense wants to burn some incense for you and create a peaceful, meditative space.

Lemon wants to brighten your spirits and calm your inflammation.

Black Spruce and Hemlock want to take you on a nice relaxing walk through the woods. (Spending time in nature can often help us feel so much better!)

They all “put their heads together” and decided to merge their ideas into one by making you a headache inhaler. It’s the perfect solution, because even though all four oils are unique, they share some common talents, like calming inflammation, releasing muscle tension, and helping you breathe deeply.

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Are Essential Oils Safe for Babies and Children? (2 SAFE recipes!)

I love talking about this topic!

Babies and children (especially kids under five years old) are a lot smaller than grown-ups. Their systems can be very responsive.

That alone can have us questioning our choices when it comes to household products and body care products.

We don’t want to surround our children with harsh chemicals that can stress their little immune systems.

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How a Full-Time Government Worker Used Aromatherapy to Help Others

Dr. Phuong Le Callaway, (Ph.D) had a full-time job as a government employee, had a passion for essential oils, and wanted to have the opportunity to help her family and friends as well as herself in promoting total health and well-being by using Aromatherapy. 
She graduated from Aromahead’s Aromatherapy Certification Program in 2016, and her knowledge of essential oil properties, chemical components, and therapeutic applications became the foundation of her efforts to help others.  She went a step further by launching her onsite Aromatherapy store, AmazingSkinCreations with Etsy, to introduce her homemade Aromatherapy products and hoped to spread to those outside her family and friend circles what essential oils can do to help those who look for an alternative therapy.  
Sometimes, our families and friends may have a little doubt when it comes to how effective essential oils can be. It’s understandable! While Aromatherapy is becoming more popular in the mainstream, there is still a big gap in the general public’s knowledge about how essential oils work.

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An Interview with Palmarosa Essential Oil

I had the chance to interview Palmarosa essential oil for this blog post . . .

Palmarosa essential oil was featured in my book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, so it’s kind of a celebrity now. I feel really lucky to have gotten this interview!

Me: Palmarosa, you’re one of my favorite essential oils for skin care, because I know there are so many aspects of healthy skin you’ve mastered.

Palmarosa: It’s true! I am happy to say that I’m good at soothing irritated areas and rejuvenating damaged skin. Inflammation and soreness are no problem for me, either. I’m also good at clearing away fungus, so I make some great foot care blends.

Me: I love your foot care blends! What made you excited to be in the book, other than sharing your talents with Aromatherapy lovers?

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