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DIY Woodsy Perfume Balm Recipe (so easy!)

A DIY Perfume Balm Recipe to Help You De-Stress and Smell Amazing

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5 Amazing Essential Oils for the Diffuser (+3 Diffuser Blends!)

How to Use Essential Oils for the Diffuser, and 3 Supportive Blends You can Try!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people who are wondering how best to use their essential oil diffuser.

And from some people who have never used a diffuser, and aren’t sure what to do.

Helping people use essential oils in ways that are effective for natural health, and are still safe, is very important to me. It’s why I became an Aromatherapy educator, and why I’ve continued doing this work for over 20 years.

I know that there is a lot of conflicting information online about this topic, and trying to figure out which essential oils for the diffuser you can use might be a little confusing. (And how many drops is the right amount.)

So I am happy to help!

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Aromatherapy Careers: How to Write a Successful Aromatherapy Blog

Quick—what are some of your favorite Aromatherapy blogs?

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DIY Aromatherapy Body Butter for Pain Relief

How Juniper Left the Family Business and Created a Great Body Butter for Pain Relief

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Aromatherapy Careers: One Big Tip for Starting an Aromatherapy Business

What can you do as an Aromatherapist? There is so much opportunity!

If you’re thinking of starting an Aromatherapy career by creating your own product line, I have a big tip that could help you.

First, I want to say . . . this is a great idea!

I have been involved in the Aromatherapy profession since the 1990s, and I have seen the way this industry is growing. The “Aromatherapy boom” is amazing! I can remember a time when knowing about essential oils was very specialized knowledge—not everybody understood what they were (or even knew they existed!)

And now?

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This Essential Oil is Nicknamed “Lavender Tea Tree”

What is Lavender Tea Tree essential oil? And how can you use it?

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Which Essential Oils to Use for Stress: 5 Oils I Love!

Which essential oils to use for stress, why they work, and how to use them!

As an Aromatherapy educator, I’ve guided people to use essential oils for over 20 years, showing them things like how to use essential oils for pain relief, what safety concerns to be aware of, and yes—which essential oils to use for stress.

It’s so important to me to base all of my suggestions on science and research (and along with that, experience!).

All of the essential oils I’m about to share have been researched. They’ve been shown to have components that can genuinely help calm the nervous system, and help us feel relaxed.

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